8:09pm April 9, 2012

Flesh and Bone post #1

Finally gave up tweaking it. Long post is long.

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11:44pm April 8, 2012

Been working on my post for Flesh and Bone. It’s mostly done.

Gotta check that CC is okay with how I’ve used his character, Ulysses, and with how he and Martine interact.

And here is the RP so far.

7:25pm April 8, 2012

It feels like Martine is gonna be the only one who doesn’t end up in a fight in their introductory post.

1:37pm April 8, 2012

Martine was accepted for the RP

Time for her to go practise medicine.

12:30am April 8, 2012

Flesh and Bone RP character

For the RP that might be starting soon on TR. For some reason, my mind told me to RP as a pregnant doctor.

Name: Martine Helmsey

Remaining memories / history: Pre-apocalypse, she was a doctor, a couple of years out of medical school, working in the emergency department of a local hospital, working graveyard shifts to pay off her student loans. She has no recollection of any events in the months leading up to the apocalypse, her last pre-apocalypse memory being of her 33rd birthday party. She had a fiancé, but he has been missing for months. Maybe he had fallen in with another group or maybe he is dead, she’s unsure. Some time after his disappearance, she was recruited by Ulysses and has been with the underground society ever since.

At one stage, after failing to save a child who had a severe case of pneumonia, she had a few too many to drink, having a one night stand with an unknown male which resulted in conception. 

Current standing (where you are, your goals): She has allied herself with Ulysses and Odysseus, providing medical care for the underground society. Her current plan is to train up as a few people with the more advanced medical procedures (beyond broken bones and stitches) so that the society will not suffer should complications arise during childbirth, preventing her from quickly returning to her duties. While she does have a desire to remain in The City,

Clothing/armor/style: Prior to her pregnancy, she would wear dark jeans or shorts and a button-down shirt, with hiking boots. During her pregnancy, she has opted to wear dark knit, knee length dresses with said hiking boots. On the rare occasion she is needed in the field, she will wear a bulletproof vest under a battered leather jacket, as well as . She maintains an immaculate appearance, for personal and hygienic purposes. She does switch to medical scrubs when operating on people.

Physical Appearance: Martine is in her mid-thirties. She is slightly above average height, olive skinned with an oval face, high cheekbones and grey eyes. She keeps her brown-black hair cropped short in a pixie cut. Her slender build is slowly being thickened out as she is currently 21 weeks pregnant.

Weapons / Abilities: Martine is an accomplished eskrima practitioner, having trained in the martial art since the age of 12. She carries a pair of hardwood yantok and a balisong around with her, though she does also own a kampilan (sword) which is usually kept in her quarters due to its size, and is also capable of improvising with whatever is available. Combined with her medical knowledge, she could be a devastating opponent, but as she is rarely in a combat situation to fight, it is unlikely she will be seen taking down an opponent. As her pregnancy progresses, her potential combat capability will decrease. She doesn’t like using firearms and she is a poor shot.

Her main talents lie with her medical skills. She has trained a few people in first aid techniques to assist her, sorting out broken bones and lacerations, so she can deal with more serious ailments. Though Martine and her team’s abilities are hampered by a lack of supplies, often leading to rationing of some items, and sometimes an inability to do anything more for a person in their care beyond keeping them in some degree of comfort until they pass away.

Other: Martine is generally a kind person, but her hormones can make her moody. She is used to seeing a lot of nasty things due to her experiences in A&E and is not as bothered by the condition of some of her patients as some would expect her to be. She can be a bit bossy, especially if it’s someone in her care trying to do things before she clears them to go and is not above sedating people to ensure they don’t tear their stitches or injure themselves further.

She does worry about what sort of future her unborn child will have, in the face of uncertainty, but she endeavours to make the most of it.

4:18am April 4, 2012

 It's a Funeral Thing- Chapter one

New Dragonfable fanfic. Will be interesting to see if I actually finish it.

Still working on the revisions to Guarded Heart.

3:49pm March 16, 2012

I should stop eating cheese before bed.

Random short scenes inspired by a weird dream where Siege Unit from my Camelot-verse teams up with the Autobots. Mostly Lia and Sunstreaker not being too happy about being partnered together. Might refine them, might not.

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4:12am February 15, 2012

 Half and Whole

My not-overly-romantic-ish contribution this Tuesday evening (well Wednesday morning by the time this is posted, love the queue system).

Because Altera Nova should get one happy ending in my stories and I like Demento.

Now I want to write stories about Ildri.

12:35am February 13, 2012

Had intended to do a sketch for Valentine’s Day

… it’s turning into a fic.

I ended up making a new character, Ildri Nova. I see her as being an adorable 4 year old who is spoiled for stories by her parents (mostly from their own experiences) and almost always chooses to listen to her father tell her the tale of how her mother fought Death him/her/itself to bring him back.

She has other stories she likes but insists on that story the most.